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JULY 30, 2015

In February, many of our members completed a Provider Readiness Assessment for Dale Jarvis and Associates to help us know where we are starting from when looking at Payment Reform projects.  Dale’s final report is now available.  Please review and send your comments to Bahney Dedolph at

Provider Readiness Assessment Results Final

JULY 2015

There were two presentations at the ASU Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy Summer Institute by Dale Jarvis about payment reform in Arizona.  They are below.  Dale is still interested in your feedback on the Toolkit.  Please review and comment.

Keynote:  How Are We Going to Get Paid Tomorrow v4

Workshop:  Digging into the Toolkit

JUNE 2015

This is the link to the Arizona Behavioral Health Payment Reform Toolkit.  Please check it out and provide us with your feedback by contacting Bahney Dedolph at or 602-252-9363. 


APRIL 2015

Following consultation with Dale Jarvis and company, the payment reform steering committee, and state agencies, it became evident that we need to look at another redesign of the Payment Reform Toolkit work that we are doing.

  • We are eliminating the work groups and related webinars.
  • We will have a full report on the readiness self-assessment soon—thank you to all who participated.
  • We will have a Payment Reform Toolkit 101 rolled out on a fast track.
  • The readiness self-assessment work with the RBHA’s will continue as planned.
  • Following RBHA completion of payment reform plans, those models will be incorporated into regionally specific Payment Reform Toolkit 201.
  • Technical assistance will be available to providers to support their transition to the new models.

The Power Point from the Self Assessment Webinar is here:  Results of AZ Provider Asssessment v2.1

MARCH 2015

The Arizona Behavioral Health Payment Reform Toolkit project is moving forward!  The self assessment information is below.

As the Arizona public behavioral health system transitions to the new RBHA design, all RBHAs will be required to implement payment reform initiatives that help the Medicaid system transition from paying for volume to paying for value. We have designed a self-assessment to gather data on the Arizona behavioral health delivery system’s readiness to participate in this effort.

What You Need to Do

  1. Identify a lead for this mini-project.
  2. The lead reviews the survey and decides who should be on the ad hoc team to complete the self-assessment *See NOTE below. (1 hour).
  3. Give the survey to each person on the ad hoc team and have them read it (30 minutes per person).
  4. Meet as a small groups to answer as many questions as possible and determine homework assignments to answer the rest of the questions (1-2 hour meeting).
  5. Everyone complete their homework (1 hour per person).
  6. Meet a second time as a group to finish the answers and do a final review (1 hour meeting).
  7. Enter the answers into Survey Monkey (20 minutes):

*NOTE: After reviewing the survey questions, decide whether it’s best to complete a single survey for your organization or whether you should complete separate surveys for different program area. Consider completing more than one survey if the answers to several questions are dramatically different for different program areas.

To help get you started we have attached:

  • The slides from Dale Jarvis’ Readiness Self-Assessment Orientations delivered on March 16 and 18
  • A PDF of the Readiness Assessment,including an Overview
  • The most recent schedule for this project

Once again, the survey is available at and must be submitted by Friday April 3rd, at 5pm.

If you have any questions, please contact John Freeman in Dale Jarvis’ office at 206-334-3231 or or Bahney Dedolph at 602-252-9363 or

Workgroup schedule sign up form

AZ Provider Readiness Self-Assessment

Readiness Assessment Training (1)

Project Schedule Update v3


There are resources from the Arizona Behavioral Health Payment Reform Toolkit Boot Camp.  If you have questions about this project, please contact Bahney Dedolph at or 602-252-9363.

1 AZ Packet.pdf

Payment Reform Flight Simulator v13

AZ BH Payment Reform Boot Camp Small Group Exercises2

Case Rate Toolkit

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