Strategic Directions for Council FY 2013-14

Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Restoration

  • Monitor and provide information to members on ACA and AHCCCS enrollment
  • Identify and address mental health parity issues within Health Insurance Marketplace policies

 Board of Behavioral Health Examiners:

  • Continue to monitor reform and restructuring of Board of Behavioral Health Examiners
  • BBHE clean-up bill to fix reciprocal licensure issues (SB1077)

 Child Welfare

  • Monitor changes within Department of Economic Security and Division of Child Safety and Family Services
  • Monitor and advocate for increased funding for child safety and wellbeing programs
  • Monitor and advocate with the CPS Oversight Committee, CARE committee, and other groups
  • Monitor issues related to CRS contracts

Department of Health Services:

  • Continue to monitor and comment on DHS Integrated Rules impacting Council members
  • DHS statutory revision bill (SB1216)
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